34. My 2018 Challenge Recap 💖

So as I noticed when I numbered this post (also I kinda generally noticed beforehand) that I did not write 52 posts this year, completing my challenge as I had originally planned to do.

For those of you just reading this, I started this blog at the end of 2017 wanting something new to focus on and to challenge myself with. I was bored, spending too much time worrying and focusing on what other people were doing and what I in no real respect to myself, wasn’t doing.

So the challenge was to write one post each week on topics that I liked (fashion, media, movies, people I admired etc.) and also learn and see how I felt about blogging.

A few months in, it was fun yet still challenging. Coming up with a new idea each week with a set structure that was completely up to me was a really cool thing. These were topics that I’d always thought about and having the chance to put them in writing then send that writing out into the world was such a gratifying experience after a while. I definitely think it helped maintain what writing skills I have and it also made me practise the art of re reading and editing. Something that I know deep down is useful but still kinda need to appreciate.

Then after the first few posts, it became time to put in some hard yards at times. There were a lot of Sunday nights that I was just getting the posts uploaded, because I either had a busy week or left it till the last minute. There were also times when I gave myself one topic and had to think of a post then and there. Thinking back now, the posts where I had to do them on the spot and ultimately treated them as a bit of a chore, definitely felt rushed and not as well written or with as much detail. I’m sure heaps of bloggers experience this but it was interesting to be on the other side of it and observe how I began to view the challenge as it went along. It made me understand the whole “People tend to give up their new years resolutions by March” type thing. Which only made me that little bit more motivated to keep writing.

There was this sweet spot I found after a while where, after loosing interest I began to try and plan out and brainstorm in advance for what I wanted to be writing about. The better ideas always seemed to come right as I was about to go to bed, and although not all the ideas made the cut, there were a few that did and that’s what counts.

That being said, I didn’t make it to the 52 posts and that was because, after a while things got busy. Then I would make up a post another week, then two weeks after that things got busier and I decided to come back to writing the blog entries when uni had finished up. Although the challenge didn’t go quite as I had planned, I’m still super proud of myself and how I created this little blog of mine. Only doing 34 posts taught me that it’s important to learn how to change and adapt to whats going on around you and go with the flow a little bit more. As far as blogging goes for me, I’ll see what 2019 brings and go from there (I’ll probably still keep an eye on the stats…).

Thanks for reading and I hope 2018 brought you some great moments and 2018 brings you some even better ones.

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