33. The Accessories Post! πŸ’œ

About a month or two ago I found myself standing in a clothing store in Australia (Sportsgirl to the aussies reading) feeling extremely excited, for I decided to give into the scrunchie trend that has made its way back into fashion.

And there were so many to choose from; spotty ones, striped ones, ones that were pink/ maroon/ baby blue/ neon yellow, cheetah print the list goes on. Not only have there been such a big range of these prints and colors, but you realise that they’re actually a really good option to keep your hair up. Hair ties are always a solid option but sometimes you can have the pitfalls of hair getting wrapped around them causing the occasional knot, plus if you have thicker hair this can call for multiple hair ties at a time. Scrunchies on the other hand tend to hold up ponytails a bit stronger and are less likely to give your hair that awkward Β β€œhair tie” kink, being more stretchy.

It feels like there’s not only a scrunchie craze at the moment, but accessories in general. Hats are back, hair scarves and scrunchies, bum bags, little things that you can use to dress up your outfit that little bit more. The great thing about these accessories is that you can pretty much get them anywhere and if you see a celebrity with a sense of style that you admire which includes wearing some of these items then it can be really easy to recreate. It’s been a long running pattern where celebrities start certain fashion trends then retailers catch on and recreate these trends the following season, but its still an exciting thing to have access to these trends and how the items that are in stores are a lot more customised now. It’s no longer just about looking a particular way or giving off a certain persona about yourself. Accessories enable us to pick and choose what we like and combine all different styles.

Having such a broad range of exposure to style inspiration both from celebrity and street influences is crucial because we are able to see that there will never really be any set rules in fashion and basically we’re free to do whatever the heck we want. Plus if we would like inspiration or to see something new, we can go searching for it on social media or pinterest or another online source. Pretty liberating now that I think about it.

Well that’s my short thought bubble for this fashion post, what’s your favourite accessory?

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