33. The Accessories Post! πŸ’œ

About a month or two ago I found myself standing in a clothing store in Australia (Sportsgirl to the aussies reading) feeling extremely excited, for I decided to give into the scrunchie trend that has made its way back into fashion. And there were so many to choose from; spotty ones, striped ones, ones that were pink/ maroon/ baby blue/ neon yellow, cheetah print the … Continue reading 33. The Accessories Post! πŸ’œ

32. Victoria Beckham πŸ‘œ

Victoria Beckham has had a big year. Some of the highlights include celebrating a decade in the fashion industry, winning the Fashion Icon award from the People’s Choice and even attending a Royal Wedding or two. But away from Beckham’s social connections with British Royalty, she’s killing it right now. Her fashion label has been to many fashion weeks over the years, is sold in … Continue reading 32. Victoria Beckham πŸ‘œ

31. Dear Actors, Creators and Crew πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ

  I did a dear crew members post early on in my blog and this inspired me to do another one that applied to a few more people involved in the process. Dear Theatre You are a creative representation that I discovered early on in my childhood. You first come to mind as a feeling of excitement and anticipation of what will happen next, evolving … Continue reading 31. Dear Actors, Creators and Crew πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ