25. Hat season is Here 🧢

It is currently in the depths of Winter here in Australia, and because of this I have started to notice a few trends within headwear over the past few months. Having just purchased a beanie (which I wear any chance I get) I remembered how fun and often essential hats are. They keep us warm, protected from the sun, enable us to hide the bad hair day or rough hangover and are just plain splendid. Although most of these are classics, here are my top four hat trends of the season.  

(All Photo’s Curtesy of Pinterest and Burst by Shopify)


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  1. The Cap:

This one has always been around but seems to have grown in its different designs and colours. I’ve noticed much more neutral tones (blacks, whites) as well as quite a number of pastel colours that have popped up in the last couple of years. The cap is taking on new uses than just to show off the logo of your favourite baseball team. The leisurewear trend seems to have lent itself nicely to these new caps as they are naturally very suitable if you want to go for your morning hike/run, or just simply wanna get some shopping in before you catch up for brunch with your bestie. You can always rely on the Cap.


e335a8fab8abb7d2fc2cf46025a8dfcb             b5af5228e2cfb9d7f6df04bd03c260c0.jpg


2. The Baker Boy Hat:

Easy to show off at festivals, a night out, or if you are Bella Hadid jet-setting from fashion shoot to fashion show. The baker boy hat is a newbie on my list and whilst I don’t own one at the moment I love the way they look. They seem to ooze a traditional Britishness and personally I would place them as a little more formal than the cap, leaning closer to a beret in appearance and feel. They’re definitely a statement piece and make those who wear them look like a boss! (due to having a similar shape to a captains hat perhaps?). I can’t predict how long they’ll stay “cool” or “trendy” but who cares? If you like it, wear it.

9075b1d98d7c1dcd24c03fa4fde8b5fa         8e8892b18edf87ac418fd4f49264004b.jpg

3. The Wide Brimmed hat:

For this one there are many different types of wide brimmed hats to be talked about. There are general wide brimmed hats, boater hats with a wide brim as well as Straw hats with the occasional ribbon tied around it. For those in Australia these were actually a trend noticed amongst celebrities at The Melbourne Cup (a prestigious horse racing event). These are great for the warmer or cooler months, depending on what the hat is made of (maybe leave the straw hat till spring) and they hold a nice balance between fashionable and functional (the wide brim, a great protector against those rays).


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 4.57.30 pm.png                         098b59f14280984ce6943845bd068a70

4. The Trusted beanie:

Only fitting to finish with an oldie but a goodie. The beanie is faultless in its ability to warm our heads in winter and has never gone out of style or needed an extreme design upgrade. Something I love about beanies apart from all the different colours and patterns out there is its ability to be used in other ways in communities, such as often being sold by charities to raise money (examples that come to mind are Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer, and the beanies sold for the Fight MND initiative– both Aussie, both fantastic). Beanies can be worn by kids, adults, puppies, anyone who is currently experiencing winter. Frankly they are my favourite hat on this list.


52e2f4aa628e061b0fa9934ef32300f6.jpg                     8206e0fb77fbeaff1b78990597407427.jpg



                                                 Thanks for reading see you next week! 

#25thpost  😊

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