9. Seventy Years of Dior πŸ‘ 

In early September of last year I was lucky enough to be go and see an exhibition featuring seventy years of Dior fashion at the National Gallery of Victoria. Although the exhibition has since packed up and left Melbourne (sorry!), I still wanted to write about it for this weeks Fashion post as it was absolutely beautiful and deserves to be mentioned on my little … Continue reading 9. Seventy Years of Dior πŸ‘ 

8. Lucie Fink 🎨

  I was thinking about who to write about for this weeks People Post when I inevitably started to procrastinate and watch one of my favourite youtube series, β€œTry Living with Lucie” on Refinery29’s channel. I discovered Lucie Fink early last year and always found her videos to be really fun and interesting to watch. So, this weeks post will be dedicated to Lucie Fink … Continue reading 8. Lucie Fink 🎨

7. The British Vogue Youtube Channel πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  Whilst most of us know British Vogue to be a print magazine, it like many of its peers has grown with the trends of technology and has expanded into an online website, blog, youtube channel and many other forms to note. I discovered the channel around three years ago and being a lover of fashion and the medium of youtube, have been an avid … Continue reading 7. The British Vogue Youtube Channel πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§